Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Tel: +251115 51 35 41
Fax: +251 115 51 38 51

What We Do

AHA works in conditions of conflicts to natural disasters to outbreaks of disease, that truly test the limits of humanitarians

Health Care

  • Health education and training
  • Infections and transmitted diseases prevention and cure
  • Maternal and child healthcare
  • Nutrition services
  • Mental healthcare
  • Primary healthcare
  • Reproductive healthcare

Capacity Development

  • Community empowerment and participation
  • Information, education and communication
  • Livelihood protection and income generation
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation
  • Support to community structures and services
  • Sustainable development
  • Training

Relief and recovery

  • Community development
  • Camp management
  • Food distribution and nutrition
  • Protection
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Shelter provision
  • Transport and logistics
  • Water and sanitation


  • Community development
  • Care and treatment
  • Support for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Information, education and communication
  • Prevention and community mobilization
  • Mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS among communities

Sexual and gender based violence

  • Care, treatment and support of survivors
  • Prevention
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination
  • Strengthening collaboration and coordination with stakeholders
  • Undertake safe and ethical data collection

Public Advocacy

  • Support and empowerment of indigenous organizations
  • Acknowledgement and integration of African CSOs agenda and strategy
  • International recognition of African CSOs’ value, contribution and expertise
  • Enhanced accountability and sustainability
  • Increased capacity development for African CSOs