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World Refugee Day 2018

 World Refugee Day 2018

On the 20th of June 2018, AHA alongside many supporters, had the honor of celebrating World Refugee Day.  A day where we raise awareness about the situation of many refugees as well as recognize their invincible spirit and show our commitment in responding to crises, conflicts and disasters.

To mark the day, refugees came together to celebrate their culture, tradition, and display their talents and skills. People of all sorts of backgrounds set aside their differences and were able to appreciate one another. Many refugees, however, also used this day to voice their ideas out to the public to try and receive help in areas that they need the most, mainly people that are suffering through the CAR crisis.

It is has been made known that the CAR crisis is one which needs immediate attention, but has sadly remained forgotten. AHA alongside the Assistant High Commissioner for Operations, Mr. George Okoth-Obbot, took this day as an opportunity to shed light on this crisis as well as comfort and assure refugees for continued assistance and a more efficient response for sustainable solution.

In solidarity with the refugees and with the intention of highlighting important issues, AHA prepared a series of promotional activities to educate and enhance public awareness on various topics such as health and non-communicable diseases screening. AHA was also able to illustrate different activities implemented in favor of CAR refugees in the domains of primary health care services, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services, and mental health and nutrition services.

Following the celebration, Mr. George Okoth-Obbot visited Mandjou. He commended AHA’s growing activities in Mandjou, specifically on the construction of buildings and extension of an integrated health center.