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Hakima Yakoub Health Training School- First Graduation Ceremony

                                                       Hakima Yakoub Health Training School

                                                  Ajuong Thok refugee Camp, AHA South Sudan

                                                   1st Graduation Ceremony December 2, 2017

AHA with the support of BPRM established a health training school in Ajuong Thok refugee camp in December 2016 to address the critical shortage of skilled health workers in Reweng State.

Lack of qualified health personnel in Ruweng state where AHA operates is one of the major challenges. In Ruweng state, there was no registered training school to fill the gap, and most health facilities in the host community are closed because of lack of manpower.  AHA has attempted to tackle this issue for years by trying to bring staff from Juba and other countries. Although this method was working, it has put a strain on the budget and seemed economically inefficient.

With the new health training school, AHA envisaged foreseeing an enhanced local capacity and improved health workforce necessary to create high quality, sustainable health care for refugees and the host in Ruweng state.  Subsequently, in collaboration with State ministry of health, AHA developed one year based curriculum to train Auxiliary Nurses, Midwives and Laboratory health personnel.

A year after the establishment, the first Cohort of 28 students, 7 from the host community (11 Nurse Assistants, 10 Laboratory Assistants, and 7 Midwife Assistants) graduated on 2nd Dec 2017 from Hakima Yakoub Heath Training School. The training school is named after a Nurse trainer by the name Hakima Yakoub who died of aerial bombardment in South Kordofan in Sudan. The training school has well-trained tutors in medical education and three part-time expatriate lecturers.

The graduation ceremony organized by AHA was attended by State and County authorities, UNHCR Jam Jang head of sub-office, Head of Agencies in Ajuong Thok, representatives from the refugee and host communities.  This training school has been a benefit to many host and refugee communities. To date, 80% of the students are employed within the first month of their graduation.

For more information, contact: Marcos Melaku: Country Representative, AHA South Sudan at, Dr Michael Tamiru: Chief Medical Officer/Field coordinator,  AHA Ruweng State at and  Mrs. Bakoko Joyce: Health Training School Manager at jbakoko@yahoo.ocm.