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AHA handed over Equipment’s to Relief Rehabilitation Commission

April 26, 2016, Pariang South Soudan, Africa Humanitarian Action handed over UNHCR equipment’s to Relief Rehabilitation Commission.

A ceremonial handover took place at the Relief Rehabilitation Commission office in pariang with the presence of officials from local government, Jam Jang So, and staffs of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Africa Humanitarian Action (AHA). The hand over came following the decision by Africa Humanitarian Action, to scale down its activities after relative restoration of peace in the Pariang County.

Africa Humanitarian Action in partnership with UNHCR, has been present in Pariang since 2014 to Implement Camp Coordination and Camp Management and protection (CCCM) project for internally displaced persons (IDP’s) after the break out of conflict in south Sudan. The project covered 8 Payams of the Pariang County and has assisted a total number of 10,490 IDPs in line with the IDP response Strategy.

After the phase out, by the end of June 2016, the Relief Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) will take over the remaining work for IDP in Pariang. The handover will support the RRC capacity building.

At the ceremony, officials from RRC and the Pariang community showed their appreciation to both UNHCR and AHA for the assistance rendered and also stressed on the need for continuous support. On the same token UNHCR thanked the government for the support and assured RRC to provide assistance when needed.

AHA Field Coordinator (left) hands over documents to the RRC Coordinator. Pic: Fedson Chikuse, UNHCR.