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AHA held a youth sensitization workshop on HIV and Teenage pregnancy

Africa Humanitarian Action in collaboration with UNHCR, conducted a one day sensitization workshop, on HIV and teenage pregnancy on May 13, 2016, at Little wlebo Refugee Camp, in Maryland County, Liberia. The main aim of the workshop was to equip youth with basic knowledge on HIV, reproductive system, menstrual cycle and physiology of conception. The workshop also focused on specific preventive measures for unwanted pregnancy and HIV.

Different methodologies such as lectures, group discussion and presentations where used, in order to create dialogue amongst the youth and to provide them with practical life saving skills.

Participants for the workshop included 40 boys and girls from Little Wlebo Refugee Camp, age ranging from 15 to 25. During the sensitization workshop, the youth addressed different topics such as: the roles and responsibilities of youth health ambassadors; teenage pregnancy, causes, consequences and prevention methods; family planning methods; HIV prevention, treatment, care and support methods; and demonstration of correct use of condoms and other family planning methods.

A post-workshop is planned to follow up on the youth and a clear line of collaboration was also established with community health workers.

Youth Workshop