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AHA emergency response to the Influx of Refugees from Burundi into Rwanda

AHA emergency response to the Influx of Refugees from Burundi into Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda (11 May 2015)

A refugee from Burundi with her children

Africa Humanitarian Action (AHA) in Rwanda has mobilized to meet the humanitarian needs of thousands of refugees fleeing political tensions in Burundi.

AHA in partnership with UNHCR began its emergency response on 08 April 2015 in Gashora, Nyanza Reception and Nyagatare Transit Centers. AHA’s interventions focus on primary healthcare,reproductive health and delivery services, nutrition, mass measles and polio vaccination for children, public health surveillance, human resources and humanitarian coordination meetings. AHA has redeployed medical doctors from its Uganda Country Office to help in responding to the humanitarian needs of the Burundian refugees.

AHA has provided medical screening for all new arrivals.The screening is done in the two new reception centers of Gashora/Bugesera, Nyanza and the existing transit center of Nyagatare. The number of refugees screened since 8 April has reached 13,703 in Gashora; 5,343 in Nyanza and 478 in Nyagatare.

AHA medical staff provide healthcare to refugees from Burundi

AHA is also providing round-the-clock curative health services in a temporary facility in Nyanza and in a clinic in Gashora which was rehabilitated for the purpose. Referral agreements were also reached with nearby secondary and tertiary hospitals where complicated cases are referred.

The population as of 09 May 2015 in the reception centres has reached 6,812 in Gashora, 391 in Nyanza and 471 in Nyagatare. The relocation of refugees to the newly established “Mahama Camp” is underway. AHA has deployed nurses to escort refugees during relocation from Gashora to Mahama camp.

The humanitarian situation in Rwanda needs immediate attention to protect the dignity and well being of asylum seekers and refugees.