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Dr. Dawit Zawde  launched Africa Humanitarian Action (AHA) in 1994 with several like-minded individuals, in response to the atrocities of the Rwandan genocide.

More than two decades later AHA continues to provide life saving humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and local communities across Africa. To date more than 15 million people affected by crisis have benefited from the support of AHA, in 20 different countries:  Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Congo (DR), Djibouti, Ethiopia, Guinea (Rep), Kenya, Liberia, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.

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Our work has seen us deliver multi-sectoral programs in diverse, difficult and sometimes dangerous situations.  This experience, along with our physical, social and cultural proximity, knowledge and understanding of local context, has led us to play an ever increasing role in international advocacy.  We have partaken in numerous forums and network meetings around the world, often participating as the only southern NGO.  Find out more about our work in public advocacy.

Over the years we have built up many strong and effective partnerships and we continue to emphasize the importance of a common effort to prevent suffering and affect positive change for vulnerable communities.  We continue to be UNHCR’s largest indigenous partner in Africa.  In addition, we work closely with the African Union and many other humanitarian actors.  Find out more about our partners.

As we continue to grow and develop as an independent organisation, our focus remains on best serving the affected populations to whom we are ultimately accountable.  Excellent communication, impartiality and transparency are key to the positive relationships which we have established with vulnerable populations and donors alike.  We are proud to report that for the 15th consecutive year we have received a clean bill of health for our programs from our partners and auditors, attesting to our high standards and abilities.  Find out more about AHA’s finances.

Our long term plan for the future sees us developing strategies that provide sustainable responses to Africa’s changing needs.  In this light AHA continues to work confidently in the belief that Africans have what it takes to effectively address the problems facing the continent – proximity, ownership, local knowledge and expertise.