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Somalis in the border camps of Dolo Ado in Ethiopia and within the crisis zones in Somalia are housed in highly congested settlements and makeshift houses. Consequently, refugees and internally displaced persons are subject to insecurity, poor hygiene, and disease prone living environments. The majority of these houses are insubstantial to the harsh environmental conditions of the region.

AHA has been engaged in providing and improving shelter for displaced Somalis since 2009. The recent increase in displacement due to famine in Somalia has posed additional challenges in swiftly providing adequate housing and other necessary services with limited resources.

As the number of persons fleeing their homes and country in search of food and security continues to rise, the need for food and non-food items is overwhelming humanitarian actors.

There is great need for temporary shelters, particularly in Somalia where 1.46 million people are internally displaced. In the 37 camps AHA is operating in Mogadishu the need for sanitation facilities and clean water sources remain high.

AHA is accepting in-kind and monetary contributions to help alleviate some of the challenges displaced communities, particularly children and women are faced with.

Please support us in our efforts by making your tax-deductable contributions. To find out more about AHA’s operation in Somalia, please visit our Somalia page or contact us via