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First and foremost we are accountable to the populations whom we assist and to the donors who entrust us with this task.  As such we remain committed to transparency and excellent finances.  To achieve this we ensure strict financial controls and independent auditors review the financial statements for each AHA office. We are happy to report that once again in 2009 we have successfully balanced our accounts, with funds being put to optimum use and achieving maximum results in the field.

At a time when negative impact of donor fatigue is taking effect, AHA continues to advocate for flexible, timely, predictable, needs-based funding for indigenous organizations. Without such a change, locally based organizations will remain as vulnerable as the populations they work to assist.

Therefore AHA appeals to the donor community to support African NGOs in realizing their full potential, as ultimately it is affected populations who are set to gain from stronger, better able, and proximate organizations, with an emphasis on participation, sustainability and ownership.