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Since its inception AHA has assisted more than 15 million people to regain their health, dignity and well-being, in 20 countries throughout Africa. AHA is committed to supporting and empowering affected populations, to restore their self-reliance and strengthen their capacities, thus reducing people’s vulnerabilities and contributing to an overall improvement in their living.

Since I have made my first testimonies and due to sensitization from AHA’s workers, my neighbors have understood that we are persons like others and that with AIDS it is possible to live a positive life. I really thank AHA, they have added value to my life” Rwandan Refugee


AHA has attained international status as a leading autonomous pan-African NGO recognised for its quality performance, accountability and works towards sustainability. Its greatest accolade is the feedback and ongoing support efforts we receive from those whom AHA has assisted. Such testimonies lead AHA only to work harder, achieve more and further improve the services it delivers.

Your organization did many good for we the sick refugees…So we cannot forget that at all. Thanks you, for your good work in Africa” Liberian Refugee


For 22 consecutive year AHA has received a clean bill of health for its programs from partners and auditors attesting to its high standards and abilities.

AHA helps me to reach communities in the countryside, who do not have access to health services and information. I feel that I am also a beneficiary of this work, myself. I have two children and am able to take good care of them and make decisions about my reproductive health Ethiopian Community Based Reproduction Health Agent


With more than two decades of experience as an international African NGO working in the field, AHA finds itself playing an ever increasing role in international advocacy. AHA regularly attends international forum as the only southern based representative and play a crucial role in delivering an African voice to the international humanitarian sphere.

AHA has been instrumental in pushing forward the empowerment of indigenous NGOs and organised, in collaboration with the African Union, the international symposium on ‘Building the Capacity and Resources of African Non-Governmental Organisations’. Recognising the unique attributes of indigenous NGOs in the attainment of more effective, accountable and sustainable humanitarian assistance, the symposium gave birth to the African Center for Humanitarian Action (ACHA). Read more about ACHA.