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How You Can Help

“Our work is only made possible by the generous donations of others, for which we extend our heartfelt thanks, from those whom you assist but do not necessarily know you, from AHA and from myself…”
Dr Dawit Zawde   Founding  President, AHA

Our work is based on partnerships – equal and effective, and it is thanks to the generous support of others that we are able to fulfill our mission.  With 95% of all AHA funds being driven into projects, anyone can make a donation and know that their effort will directly benefit someone in need of support.

Be it personal, corporate or institutional, donating is very easy; for further information please contact Relations at .

Corporate donation: Many companies take up their social responsibility by donating money to NGOs.  It provides an excellent way to give something back to the community, motivate employees around a cause and gain exposure in new circles.  Staff and management can get involved, in making pledges and even organizing fundraising events if so wished.  AHA welcomes your enquiries regarding corporate support and would be glad to discuss and provide further information about the assistance that your contribution will make.  All corporate sponsors are duly recognized.

Sponsor a project: Are you an organisation, company, school, religious group, social group or any other collective with a will to assist others?  If so then you can sponsor an individual project, enabling you to see the direct benefit of your generosity.  Every project is unique and therefore differs in size, scope and requirements. To find out more about which projects we are currently seeking funding for please contact External Relations.  All project donations are duly recognized and supporting information provided.

Other fundraising ideas: AHA welcomes new ideas to raise funds in support of our work and would be glad to discuss any you may have.  Please feel free to send us an email with a paragraph outlining your proposal and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Direct donation: If you would like to make a direct donation in support of our work, you can deposit funds in the following AHA accounts.


Dashen Bank, Bole Branch,
Ethiopia – Addis Ababa
Wereda 18, Kebele 18
PO Box 62, Code 1110
SWIFT CODE: Dashetaa
ACCT #: 0012 00824 8001

UBS, Switzerland – Geneva
Case Postale, CH-1211
Genève 2 Suisse
BANK ACCT #: 279-D7105562
IBAN: CH57 0027 9279 D710 5562 0




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